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What musicians say about Vektor upright basses.

Email from Matthew Garrison Februar 2000:

"Hey Sven...
I just wanted to thank you tremendously for the instrument. It sounded cool the couple of times I tried it with your assistance (at NAMM-Show) but it sounds INCREDIBLE in recordings!!! I will definitely use this instrument on my recording as well as in live performance. It has rekindled my interest in upright technique as well as bowing.

WOW! Who would have known? We should do as much publicity as necessary to get people to know about this bass. It's fantastic!!! Let me know what you'd like to do. Take care and thanks again man.


Email from Matthew Garrison July 2004

"Hey Sven,

Everything is going very well. I'm about to release my 2 newest projects.
One a live CD+DVD and my next studio project entitled SHAPESHIFTER.The latter features your instrument on several tracks. Of course I'll be talking up your instrument in upcoming reviews/interviews.

How about a mention on your site that this new material will be
available shortly? By mid August.

Well, let's keep in touch man and try to spread the news about our
collective products.

I'll have the cover of the Dec 2004 Bass Player mag USA. That issue
should be available at the NAMM 2005.
Do you want to put a little ad in that issue? Could be a good
opportunity to spread the news...

Take care Sven,


Excerpt from the article " The Vektor Upright Bass " by Diana Gannett published in the New-Products department of "ISB Bassworld" issue volume 24 spring 2001 :

"As a classical player, I never thought I'd have much use for an EUB. However, when I was exploring the vendor exhibits at the 1999 ISB convention in Iowa City, I had the opportunity to try several different models. I was confronted with a wealth of shapes and styles. There were hollow bodies, solid bodies, wood or synthetic material. All of them piqued my curiosity and had interesting features, but one in particular caught me - a Vektor built by Sven-Henrik Gawron of Germany and displayed by Dan Lenard of Luthiers Access Group ( . This instrument had a solid maple body, with an ebony fingerboard. It was a "stick" model with an added saddle. The stringlength (41,5 inches) happened to be identical to my acoustic bass, and its bowed sound was quite satisfying - even when played without amplification. I didn't seriously consider buying it until some months later, when I was preparing for a 3-week trip to Australia, and dreading the hassle of flying with the bass in a trunk. The trip was too long a stretch of time to go without practicing for upcoming commitments, and visions of the Vektor - small, light, maneuverable - sold me.

What a delight! Of course, the days are gone when you can travel with your instrument in a soft case as carry-on luggage. Still the Vektor was easy to transport. Jim Reck of Reck Violin Shop helped me by making a hard case out of a section of sewer pipes. (beautifully designed, hard travel cases are available from Vektor for a few hundred dollars.) Besides being cost effective, this case was light, yet strong enough to suffer luggage handling without fear of damage - plus it was a good conversation starter in airports! I didn't even need to bring an amp. The sound was clear and appealing, though soft. This meant I could practice in my appartment at any time, without disturbing the neighbours.

I was having a lot of fun playing my EUB, and was eager to share it. It just happened that the theme for Richard Davis's Spring 2000 Young Bassisit Conference was technology in music. As a part of my contribution to the event, I performed Bruch's Kol Nidrei on the Vektor with the string accompaniment supplied by a ZR76 Ensoniq Sythesizer."


Email by Ollie Collins / Manchester GB May 2003:

"Ah.............. Sven

Thank you for your email, you are right to prompt a response out of me! I
got my credit card bill this morning!

What can I say...........the Vektor bass is everything and much more than I expected. I've done 12 gigs and 3 recording sessions on it so far and I am very happy, the sound, look and feel of this is beautiful (great set
up-too). Truly inspiring to play. As I am principally an electric player, I have always had a few negative issues associated "steam bass" mainly stamina and the resentful lugging around of the beast. The Vektor is light and well balanced (took me just 10 minutes to feel accustomed to the body support) and projects evenly with minimal right hand effort.

I am currently working with UK artist - Holly Lerski (Sanctuary Records) We have started promo work for her new album out in June. I had a rehearsal the week after I got the bass, and it sounded amazing through my SWR SM400s and Goliath Speaker Cabinet (same setting as for my Fender Jazz thankfully ). Holly always wanted to work with double bass, but with the volume of guitar music it was impossible to be loud enough with out feedback -No problem with the Vektor -A winner every time!

On Holly's Album originally she only featured the double bass on two tracks, now live, I play half the set on the Vektor - she digs it!

Also I've had lots of people commenting after gigs on how good "that" bass sounds......I only hope I can get some of the credit with my playing! ha! Lets hope that I can be the Vektor ambassador for England! I am looking to play it at every gig and recording opportunity. I am now feeling sorry for my acoustic bass, I've not touched it since.

Keep up the good work Sven
I'll keep in touch and send you my self titled CD




Email from Jacob William / Boston USA Maiy 2003:

"Sven, how are you? I just thought you'll be happy to know that my "V" baby made its on stage debut when I played with (grammy nominee!) Omar Sosa, last month. Whoever heard it and saw it were totally wowed. I must say this bass is dangerous--it's so easy to play and so responsive that you can easily
loose focus with regards to technique and get carried away--like in a dream. I am enjoying. Will keep you informed. Hope all's well.



Rhonda Smith


Sven-Henrik Gawron
Sven-Henrik Gawron
(Wine connoisseur)